Brewing guide

Refresh your soul, mind, and body by awakening all your 5 senses. Immerse yourself into this rich moment of tea brewing and enjoy a little mindful escapade.

Step 1. Boil the water to life

Step 1Experience the dormant yet rich fragrance of the tea waiting in the little cotton bag and let your soul dance to the music of the bubbling water.

Step 2. Steep to make the tea alive

Step 2Get mesmerized by the scent blooming from the pure unification of tea with boiling water bringing the tea to life at just the right temperature.

Step 3. Wait for the magic to work

Step 3Let your mind drift off to a calmer place while observing the tea change its colour and breathing in the rich aroma filled in the air.

Step 4. Experience and appreciate the magic

Step 4Put the tea bag in the self-standing envelope and let it wait while you experience the warmth of the mug on your skin and the rich flavours in your mouth.

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