Ranji: Rediscovering label designs from more than a century ago

The word ranji originates from Chinese words ran which means "western" or more specifically "dutch" and ji which means "letters". Ranji was used mainly as labels for tea exported initially to the United States and eventually to Europe, which included both illustrations and Roman alphabets, in most cases, in English. 

These early- age ads were designed and produced jointly by painter and woodblock artists who applied techniques used in Ukiyoe.

We were astounded by the beautiful and, in a way, very modern design of Ranji and we decided to share our excitement with you all!

Here are the six Ranji stickers you can find in our Teabox! Collect 'em all!!

Banquet RanjiLe point du jourOhayoStork RanjiSumo RanjiYebisu Ranji


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